Salem Campus

Regional Day School

Highlights of all Programs

  • A Low student-to-staff ratio
  • Instruction and Assessment in the Core Content Standards including Art, PE, Health & Music Therapy
  • Related Services provided in Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Counseling
  • School, Classroom & Individual Behavioral Plans implemented
  • Utilizing the Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Extensive exposure to the community through connected field trip experiences
  • Assistive Technology infused: iPads, laptops, smartboards, projectors blogspots, etc.
  • ASD, MD and TCP

Salem Campus

Jim Helder, Principal
45 Cheney Road
Woodstown NJ 08098

Ph: 856-769-0101 x5360
Fax: 856-769-3450

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Job Shadowing

Young man stocking shelves in a storeIn our society, working is one of the most fundamental functions in a person’s life. For the majority of us, it is the means of financial stability, self-sufficiency, professional growth, and development. Yet, for people with disabilities, employment has not always been a central part of their lives. We are dedicated to providing supported employment through our Community Based Instruction Program to help disabled students find competitive work in integrated work settings, or employment in integrated work settings where students can build upon their strengths.

SCSSSD’s Transitional Career Program is implementing the development of career paths that includes future career planning, skills building, and ongoing career exploration, which provide our students with the progression from classroom to entry-level positions.

What is CBI? Essentially, Community based Instruction means that students are able to be exposed to career opportunities, engage in obtaining the necessary skills to perform job tasks, and to work toward the pursuit of employment in their community settings while earning wages that are least equivalent to workers in the same or similar positions.

Current Job Shadowing:

Walmart – Friendly’s – Shoprite – Inspira Heath – Arc of Salem County – WaWa – Mullica Hill Chiropractor


Judy Locke, Angela Rodriguez, William Pennock
Salem Campus
45 Cheney Rd, Woodstown NJ 08098

856-769-0101 Ext. 5224

Collage of two photos of happy job workers from program

Multiple-Disabled Program

The mission of the Salem County Special Services School District is to provide a highly individualized program in an environment that promotes positive developmental experiences, independence and encourages the uniqueness of each child.


Individualized Education Programs (IEP) are followed and coordinated with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Goals and objectives are reviewed regularly to insure student progress. Staff, child study team members, case managers, and parents meet regularly to make appropriate adjustments.

Student Population

The Salem Campus Program serves elementary students with severe disabilities from Salem and Cumberland Counties.


The program maintains small student-to-teacher ratios. Each class is led by a NJ certified and highly qualified teacher. There is at least one instructional assistant per class and more if warranted. In addition to professional qualifications, staff are caring and completely dedicated to our students.

For additional information please contact

Salem County Special Services School District
Mr. Jim Helder, Principal
45 Cheney Rd, Woodstown NJ 08098
Ph. 856-769-0101 Ext. 5361 Fax. 856-769-3450

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