Salem Campus students at SCVTS

Our Mission

To provide a highly individualized and developmentally appropriate education program for students with Autism Spectrum or Social Communication Disorders in an environment that encourages the development of social engagement, communication, independence, and academic growth, essential for each student’s eventual return to less restrictive public school settings.  The elementary students are educated with less disabled peers at the Upper Pittsgrove Middle School.  High School aged students are educated at the Salem Campus and spend part of their day learning trades at the vocational school.


Our staff consists of fully certified and highly qualified special education teachers and dedicated instructional assistants. Staff receive training in Crisis Prevention and Intervention, behavior management, autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration, and other areas including augmentative communication and assistive technology as needs arise.

Related Services

Related Services are provided by highly qualified Occupational, Physical and Speech/Language Therapists, and are provided according to students’ IEPs. Speech and language therapy, group social language sessions, and consultation with the staff regarding methods for encouraging individual students to be engaged in communication throughout the school day are emphasized.

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Teacher Phone Ext. Email Address Website Location
Mary Reilly Upper Pitts.
Tracy Bayes Salem Campus
Lisa Davis Visit Blog Upper Pitt.