Related Services

Salem County Special Services School District provides Related Services on an annual basis. These services are provided by a staff of certified professionals and can be tailored to meet the needs of South Jersey’s individual school districts whether public, charter or private.

Occupational, Physical and Speech evaluations and/or therapy are available to enable a child to progress in their educational program. Individual written reports are provided with an appraisal of the student’s current functioning, instructional implications and recommendations for any ongoing therapy when evaluations are requested. Staff members are available to attend meetings, conduct observations and provide input in the development of an Individualized Educational Plan as needed.

Salem County Special Services is committed to providing support services to other districts and is willing to collaborate to help meet any future needs.

For additional information please contact

Salem County Special Services School District Relative Services Program

Dr. Meggin Wentzell Director Of Related Services and Child Study Team

Mrs. Jean Pileri Administrative Assistant

Telephone: 856-769-0101 Ext. 5205

880 Route 45. Woodstown NJ 08098