Music Therapy


Music Therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs.  Employing music as a therapeutic medium motivates individuals to achieve non-musical goals such as developing communication, increasing self confidence and expression, achieving new levels of independence, enhancing fine and gross motor skills, and developing a wide variety of cognitive skills.

The music therapy program at SCSSSD was implemented in the summer of 2008. Currently, music therapy is not considered a related service, but rather a program enhancement in a variety of schools across the district. Based on individual music therapy assessments, students may be seen in a group setting, one-on-one setting, or a combination of both.


Someone singing into a mic.

The mission of the Music Therapy Program at SCSSSD is to provide goal- centered musical enrichment for all students which therapeutically coincides with their current educational plan.

To learn more about music therapy, please visit the American Music Therapy Association website.

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