Superintendents Message

Parents, Students and Staff,

As we begin our journey into the 2017-2018 school year, I am very optimistic in regard to the continued growth and opportunities the students will receive both academically and socially.

Each year the students are faced with new challenges and opportunities that make them better prepared for their academic and future life. The Salem County Special Services School District’s teachers are committed to the students they teach and to their ability to grow as students and individuals. This commitment dives deep into many areas of the students’ lives that attend our schools across the district. Each of our programs are staffed with caring and nurturing professionals that work very hard to provide the very best we have to offer.

As we enter into this new school year I would ask that we continue to work collaboratively in order to give our students the best opportunities for growth and success as they progress through school and ultimately into life. The relationship between parents, students and teachers is critical to the mission of education and producing successful young adults. This partnership flourishes when there are clear lines of communication, dialogue and execution of plans to help students succeed and develop the skills necessary to be successful.

During my tenure of the Salem County Special Services School District, I have witnessed so many amazing things that our teachers and paraprofessionals have done through their hard work, as well as the hard work of the students, and I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful district and have the opportunity to help shape and form what we do.

In closing, I am excited to see each of our students’ progress and successes this year. Education is a wonderful journey for our students that allows us to see the very best in teaching, learning and progress.

I wish you the very best for the 2017-2018 school year!


John R. Swain