Non-Public Schools

The nonpublic program provides a wide range of services to private and parochial schools through funding under Chapters 192/193 and IDEIA. These services include Compensatory education, Supplemental education, Instructional Assistants, Child Study Team evaluations, Case management, Speech therapy, and Nursing.

The Compensatory/Supplemental Education programs provide small group instruction in reading, writing and math to students in grades K through 12. The goal of the teacher is to reinforce basic skills as well as to emphasis key concepts the students may be covering in their classrooms. Speech therapy is provided to students that have been found eligible for services. All services are provided on site at the nonpublic location.

Additional services including, Instructional assistants, Counseling, and Occupational therapy are provided on an as needed basis when funding is available for students with special needs.

For additional information please contact

Salem County Special Services School District Non-Public School Program

Dr. Todd Slimm, Supervisor of Child Study Team and Non Public Services

Christine Cacchioli Assitant Coordinator

856-459-1061 Ext. 5049

13 Ramah Rd, Bridgeton NJ 08302