Program strengths

• The cornerstone of the Daretown program is its team-oriented approach. Weekly team meetings, bi-weekly collaborative (cross-curricular) planning sessions, shared decision-making and shared accountability ensure a common vision, and maximize the potential of both teachers and learners.

• Cross-age, cross-grade grouping and a class size of 1:5 or fewer enables teachers to easily identify student strengths, weaknesses and individual learning styles, making it possible to provide highly personalized, highly effective instruction.

• Technology infused instruction including, but not limited to, ongoing support of technology specialist to assist and advise teachers; Promethean (smart) Boards in every classroom; a minimum of three computers with wireless capabilities for every five students; and a state-of-the-art computer lab.

• A school-wide behavior management system, three mentoring sessions per day designed to monitor ongoing student academic and behavioral performance, and group and/or individual counseling twice a week have resulted in a school environment that is nurturing, conducive to learning and one that encourages and rewards positive social behavior.

• A consistently enforced “Zero Tolerance” Code of Student Conduct has all but eliminated truancy, serious disciplinary concerns, out-of-school suspensions, violence and vandalism.

Daretown Secondary
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