Alternative School Program

What is the Alternative Program?

The Alternative School Program is an option for all Middle and High School students in Cumberland and Salem County. This Alternative program is located at the Davidow Hall at Salem Community College and serves school aged students in grades 6-12. The program is unique because it provides a small, nurturing, and supportive alternative for students who have not been consistently successful in larger educational settings. The Alternative program is academically challenging and provides courses needed to obtain a High School Diploma

General Statement

High Schools in Cumberland and Salem County are experiencing a growing number of school-aged youth that present academic, attendance, and behavior problems. The dilemma is that these students are not successful in their home schools. Their personal and academic needs are not or can not be met through traditional school programs and settings It follows then, that if these students are to be helped, an alternative, non-traditional approach is needed.

Alternative Programs

For additional information please contact

Salem County Special Services School District Alternative School

Principal Brian Cummings

Secretary Kendel Ross

460 Hollywood Avenue. Carneys Point, NJ 08069 – Davidow Hall

Telephone: 856-351-2238 Fax: 856-351-2276

Anti-Bullying Specialist
Karen Stallings
Social Worker
Phone: 856-351-2237
Fax: 856-351-2776